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Internet marketing can be a lonely lifestyle. Sure, there are hundreds of
forums, blogs, and conferences where you can connect with others, but even when you’ve been around for a while you can feel like you’re all alone in your business. When you have little or no in-person connection with others who are in your position, you can start to feel like you are the only one on the Internet who’s worried about how Google’s latest decisions will affect your page rank, or who’s having trouble updating to the latest version of WordPress. You can forget that there are thousands of others in a similar situation, asking themselves the same questions, struggling with the same issues. Not only that, but those in your day-to-day life, who know you in the “offline world” do not have a clue what you’re talking about, and oftentimes tend to bring more negativity than helpfulness to the picture even when they try to be on your side. Unfortunately, that can make you feel even more alone, especially when you have a setback and no one to help pull you through or to even just say “that happened to me, too!”
That’s where having an accountability partner (or a small accountability group) can save the day.
Definition: Accountability partners are formalized relationships with one or
more people who help keep you on task. Here’s what Wikipedia.org says:
An accountability partner is a person who coaches another person in terms of helping the other person keep a commitment. (The term) was originally used in connection with weight loss programs in the 1960’s.
This special report is intended to familiarize you with the ins and outs of
creating and leveraging accountability partnerships specifically for your
internet marketing business. You’ll get an overview of the benefits of
accountability partners, where to find potential partners, how to set up the
relationship, and more. Read on, and get ready to take your business to the
next level! The phrase “accountability partner” is quite broad and encompasses a lot of territory. At its most basic, an accountability partner is someone you set up a formal relationship with, who will help provide support for your online business creation and growth. He or she is an unpaid consultant, someone you agree to work with to provide mutually beneficial support. In its simplest terms, it’s like having a business consultant who you don’t pay. Instead you trade for each others consulting services. You make it your goal to help each other to succeed. Accountability partners are like personal trainers for your business – different trainers have different personalities and different specialties. And you have different needs, too. If you’re at the beginning of your business creation, you may need someone to help cheer you on. As you become more experienced and confident, you may need someone to push your boundaries and tell you when you’re slacking. Here are the main roles accountability partners can fulfill: Cheerleader. This type of partner can boost your confidence, give you assistance when you need it, and help you celebrate your successes. Think of running a marathon and having someone to hand you a cool drink at Mile 5, hold up a sign with your name on it at Mile 16, and greet you with a towel and a bag of ice at the finish line.        Co-traveler. Co-travelers are at approximately the same point in their journey as you are. They’re like students in the same year in high school or college; you’re learning the same topics and implementing the same strategies and tools. Sometimes you help them, sometimes they help you, and sometimes you just muddle along, secure in the fact that you’re both in the same place. (Picture a “Study Buddy”.) Drill sergeant. Everyone from Oprah to Olympian Michael Phelps has a trainer or coach who pushes them just a bit farther than they think they can go. Drill sergeant accountability partners serve as a whip-cracking, rear-end-kicker to keep you on task to the goals you’ve set and committed to. Every once in a while (hopefully, a very LONG while), things go nuts. Plans derail, projects fail, or you just want to tear your hair out because of technical issues. When Murphy’s Law proves true, you may just need to vent to someone who knows what you’re going through. That person can be your accountability partner. Brainstorming partner. Wondering what headline will convert best? Need some thoughts on what to offer as an opt-in “bribe” on your new mailing list? Trying to figure out the shortest path between Point A and Point B? Grab your accountability partner and start brainstorming. Some of these roles probably appeal to you more than others. It all depends on your own personal needs and personality. Remember that your accountability partnership is determined by you and your partner – it can incorporate whatever you decide, including 6 AM jogging buddy, lunch date, or blogging partner. First Things First: Setting up an Accountability Partnership Before you jump right in and ask your best friend to be your accountability partner for the rest of your natural-born life, there are several questions you want to ask yourself before committing to a long-term relationship. These questions will help you figure out what you want in an accountability relationship. Take your time thinking through your answers; the only mistake you can make is to jump in too fast and commit to something that’s not right. 1. Where are you in your business? Different business stages require different support. Do you need someone to brainstorm ideas? To cheer you on? To check in with to see if you’ve accomplished your weekly goals? Or to remind you of what your priorities need to be? Different goals might call for different personality types. 2. What timeframe are you looking at? Do you want someone to accompany you to the next stage of your business (for instance, until you get your product launched), or are you looking for someone to work with for the next quarter as you see how far you get? An accountability partnership will change over time, so plan to reassess the relationship regularly. Don’t start one and assume you’ll continue the formal relationship forever. Most will eventually run their course.

3. Who do you know?
Based on your needs in Question #1, do you have someone in mind for
your partner, or are you starting from scratch? What resources
(networking groups, online forums, etc.) do you have for finding a
4. How much can you commit?
Partnerships are two-way streets, where you give your partner as much
as he or she gives you. What can you offer, time- and resource-wise?
Are you willing to offer introductions and advice, or only “atta boy”
support? Don’t expect to get back much more than you provide.
5. What are your preferences?
Do you want to communicate only by email, or do you want in-person or
phone check-ins? Do you want someone who is in a similar industry to
you, or would you prefer someone who’s in a non-competing field? How
often would you like to check in?
Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll be in a good position to start
evaluating potential partners. In the next few sections we’ll discuss some
options so you can determine which accountability partnership type will work best for you.
Live and In Person: An “IRL” Accountability Partner
Having an accountability partner you can get together with “in real life” (IRL)
adds a new dimension to your partnership. Knowing someone “in real life,” not just online or via phone, is very different than communicating virtually and it brings some nuances to the table that a virtual partnership wouldn’t. Here’s an overview of what you need to know about teaming up with an in-person accountability partner:
Pros: It’s much harder to blow off an in-person appointment with your buddy than a phone call or email-check in, so teaming up with someone you meet regularly for lunch or coffee can help keep you on task. Also, you may feel more comfortable with someone you know outside the computer screen. And don’t forget the benefit of getting out of the office and away from your desk – being in a new environment occasionally can re-energize you. Also, if your meetings are scheduled around walking or jogging you can kill two birds with one stone and get exercise while you brainstorm. One more thing: Because you’re in the same place at the same time, you can help each other with offline marketing, computer training, etc.

Cons: Because you’re meeting in the “real world,” you can get distracted and feel like you have to hold to societal niceties rather than just being laserfocused on your work issues – especially true if your partner is also a friend or colleague. Also, meeting in person isn’t always convenient, and can take more time than a virtual check-in – especially if you’re meeting for meals with your accountability partner. In addition, if you are looking for someone in your area, you have a much more limited pool to choose from. You can also face issues of personality – some traits that might not bother you online or over the phone could be irritating in person.
Suggestions: To avoid some of the cons above, make sure that both you and
your partner are committed to staying on topic and maximizing your time
together. Set an agenda for your meetings and stick to it. If you’re worried
that you might not hit it off with someone in person, set a trial period before committing to a long-term partnership. And, do not settle for someone just because he/she is convenient. Your time is valuable. Choose wisely.
If you take the time to think through the issues above, having an in-person
accountability partner can prove to be the perfect match, expanding your
horizons and giving you some much-needed time away from the computer.
Section Five: Is it Live or Memorex? Virtual Accountability Partners
In this world of online living, meeting friends – or even mates – online is no
longer outside the mainstream. We make little distinction between online
buddies and those who live across the street. And we often feel more
connected to these virtual friends than we do with the people we encounter in person. It makes sense to reach out to your online connections when looking for an accountability partner. Here are some points to consider:
Pros: Teaming up with a “virtual” partner is the ultimate in convenience. You don’t have to live near each other – or even in the same time zone – so your pool of potential partners is almost limitless. Also, you can keep your
conversations very targeted, and thereby cut down on the amount of time it takes to connect. If you correspond via e-mail, you can catch up when it’s
convenient for you, and not have to worry about coordinating schedules.
Cons: The anonymity of the internet means that people aren’t always what
they present themselves to be (just ask anyone who’s gone on a date with
someone they’ve met via on online dating service!). Your 45-year-old
marketing specialist could turn out to be a 12-year-old wunderkind with alaptop and too much spare time. Or worse, your accountability partner mayhave claimed to be making a certain amount online and so you take his or her advice – not knowing that she’s stretched the truth considerably and is really only making pennies. Also, connecting virtually makes it easier to drop the ball; the guilt for taking an extra day or two to respond to an email is nothing compared to standing your partner up for your weekly coffee meeting. Suggestions: The best way to protect yourself and make sure your partnership is a successful one is to really get to know your partner. Pick someone you’ve had a positive relationship with for a while, hopefully even someone who you’ve met in person at a seminar or conference, rather than hooking up with someone unknown. You’re going to be sharing details about your life and your business with this person, so take the time to establish a preliminary level of trust before baring your soul. You might even consider getting recommendations from some of the people they’ve worked with before or have known for a while. It may sound like overkill, but the risk is high enough to make the extra diligence worthwhile.

Finding an accountability partner online is extremely common and has proven successful for many marketers. It’s so easy to connect with people of a similar mindset that you probably already have several potential partners in your immediate online circle already.
My Buddy: Mentoring Partnerships
If you’re just starting out in online business or have very specific needs, you
may want to forego the traditional accountability partnership and choose to
work with a paid mentor instead (picture a Business Coach). Mentors, like
accountability partners, come in all shapes, sizes, experience levels,
specialties, and personalities. While you can expect to pay anywhere from
hundreds to thousands of dollars for the privilege of working with a mentor,
the relationship can earn you back your investment many times over, in saved time and sound business advice. Following are the basics of what you need to know about mentors:
Pros: You have someone completely focused on you and your needs, so you
can save a lot of time and effort. Because your mentor has successfully
navigated the path you’re treading, he or she can give you the benefit of their experience and save you a lot of time and money. Good mentors also often have wide networks and can share these connections with you. Hopefully your mentor has reached a level of success where he or she can help you to avoid mistakes and give solid advice. Too often, accountability partners are both at a level where they aren’t making money yet, so it’s a case of the blind leading the blind. Obviously you can avoid that situation by hiring a successful mentor to coach you down the road you’re on.     Cons: Instead of “paying” for your partner’s assistance by reciprocating his or her support, you will pay with cash, so if you’re in the start-up phase and your wallet is a tad on the thin side, you may have trouble footing the bill. Also, mentors are, understandably so, biased to their own experiences. If something worked for them, they’re inclined to recommend it to you, even though another option may be a better fit. No matter whether you’re hiring the best “guru” in the business or a marketer who’s doing well who you look up to, never blindly follow advice for this very reason.                 Suggestions: Choose your mentor carefully! Make sure you resonate with him or her not just in terms of what they’ve accomplished, but in terms of their personality, ethics, and work style, too. Also, choose someone not just on what they tell you they’ve done right, but based on the mistakes they’re willing to share, too.                                                                                      Almost every successful business person, online and off, will tell you that getting a mentor was one of the best things they’ve done to advance their business rapidly. A great mentor can save you years and thousands of dollars in getting your business off the ground and growing, and can hold you accountable for your progress, too.                                                          The More the Merrier: Partners vs. Groups If one accountability partner is good, shouldn’t five or ten partners be even better? Well, sometimes, but certainly not in every case! Joining an accountability group can jumpstart your business and get you to radical profits more quickly than you had ever anticipated – if you pick your group wisely.                                                Here’s how to make sure you end up surrounding yourself with people who can help guide you to success: Pros: Group accountability situations can be great for generating a huge variety of opinions from a number of different perspectives. You can experience more of a mastermind effect in a group situation. Also, the networking potential is enhanced exponentially when you add more contacts to the equation. And with a group set-up and multiple people to rely on, there should always be someone available for feedback – the chance of EVERYONE flaking on you is slim. The flip side of many ideas is that you can be inundated with opinions with no clear way to prioritize or choose between them. Also, because several people are involved, you and your partners can feel less committed to each other’s individual success, as you all share the responsibility. Also, you have the drawback of having more personalities involved and, therefore, a greater opportunity for conflict. Finally, it can be tougher to coordinated multiple people’s schedules to find a single time to “meet.” One other drawback: you can be inundated with requests to help other people and may lose time that you could be using to focus on your own business. Suggestions: As with the other approaches to accountability partners, choose your group members carefully! If you are taking charge of the group creation, have each potential member fill out a short questionnaire to gauge their interest, skill and business level, and willingness to commit to each other. Also, decide if you want members to be in similar industries or niches, or if there should be no overlap to avoid competition. You’ll also want to decide up front if new members will be voted in by the group or if there is one person in charge of deciding who gets added. Finally, set a minimum – and maximum – amount of time you will devote to the group, to ensure that no one is getting overburdened (and that no one is shirking their duties).           Having an accountability group can be one of the quickest ways to get your online business up and running. The combined firepower and experience of a group of committed partners can give you the confidence and support you need. By now you should have a good overview of what accountability partnerships are and what kind might be best for you. It’s time to go over some ways to make sure that your relationship – whatever kind you choose – will work smoothly and successfully for both you and your partner.          1. Create the ground rules. It may seem silly to set out on paper the rules of engagement for your relationship, but writing down some details will help you avoid misunderstandings and confusion later. At a minimum, lay out …  How often you will meet. (Frequency. Will you check in daily, weekly, monthly?) · Where/how you’ll meet. (Skype, phone, in person, etc.?) · What dates/times you’ll meet. · How long the meetings will be. (All in the group should be clear on this. If one person is expecting a 20 minute meeting and the rest of the members talk for 2 hours – there’s obviously some miscommunication.)  The overall goal of the accountability partnership. (Is it accountability to meet your goals? Or a weekly support connection? Brainstorming? What’s the purpose of connecting? Make sure you’re on the same page.)  The basic agenda for your meetings. (This schedule will help the meetings be more productive and less chatty.) · Requirements. (What happens if your partner misses several meetings in a row and thinks nothing of it? Do you have your requirements set?) · Expectations. (Is each member expected to bring a resource or question to the meeting? Make the preparation clear.)  If you’re forming a group, the number of members (and how you’d decide to add more). Also decide if you’re open to communicating between meetings; are you willing to field phone calls or answer emails, or do you just want to confine your partnership to your regularly scheduled meetings? Either way is fine, as long as you agree on the boundaries. Decide specifically what you’d like to accomplish during your time with your accountability partner. Do you want to double your site’s traffic? Release new products? Create an e-course? Know what you’re going to aim for so your partner can remind you to stay on task and not get distracted.

one service via the web. You both download the Skype software and then can connect via voice or video. If you’re in different parts of the country or world, you can save a bundle on long distance by logging on to Skype. There’s even the capability to let the other person see your computer desktop while connected, which makes computer/software training a breeze. FreeConferenceCall.com. For the price of a long-distance call, you and your partner(s) can host your own private conference calls, no reservation needed. The system will record the call and allow unlimited downloads and playbacks. While the basic service is free, the site will only archive your most recent conversation; it’s replaced with each new call you conduct. You can upgrade to a paid option for more robust service. Ning.com. Create your own virtual private community, with the ability to share videos, images, and more. Options for chat, message boards, and a hosted blog are also available. Beginning in July 2010, Ning charges a nominal monthly fee to host sites. While you may not want to shell out for a group of two (a free private blog at Blogger.com or Typepad.com would work just as well), Ning is great for groups with several members. Google. Google offers a plethora of fantastic collaborative tools, from GoogleDocs (shared documents) to Google Calendar, to the latest Google Wave and Google Buzz. If you’re working with an accountability group, you can create a free email group at Groups.google.com. All are free. TweetChat.com. Need an impromptu chat room? Hook your Twitter account up to TweetChat, enter a unique hashtag (#), and start chatting with your partner(s). Beware: there can be a bit of a lag, and your tweets will be public for anyone to follow. But when the service is free, you can’t be too picky! While you may already be acquainted with many of these resources, you can look at them in a new way when considering using them as tools for your accountability partnership. It’s efficient when you can employ solutions you’re already using for multiple purposes. Next Steps After you’ve successfully worked with a partner for a while, you may be wondering what options you have for furthering your relationship. I’ve created this list of some of my favorite next steps: 1. Commit to another session. If you’ve completed six months together and like how things are going, sign on for another six months or a year together. If it’s working, keep it going! Set new, higher goals, and commit to helping each other meet those milestones. 2. Create a Joint Venture. After connecting with an accountability partner for some time, you get a pretty good sense of their strengths and weaknesses, and how they like to work. If your styles (and businesses!) seem compatible, you might want to think about creating a joint venture (JV) partnership. Think about teaching an online course together, or creating a case study of your partnership successes. Turn your experiences into cash! 3. Co-found a mastermind group. Are you ready to invite a few more friendly faces to join your band of two? As discussed in a previous section, accountability groups can be extremely powerful. And having two people who already know and are committed to each other to form the core of the group will help set the tone, as well as give you some tried-and-true ground rules for starting. 4. Meet and greet. If you’ve only been connecting remotely – online or by phone – think about taking your relationship to the “real world.” A great option is to meet up at one of the many excellent Internet marketing conferences or seminars around the world – I guarantee that when you meet each other in person, you’ll feel like you’ve known each other for years, even if you’ve just been corresponding via email for a few months. 5. Move on. It may seem a tad callous to just move on from a successful partnership, but it doesn’t mean you’re saying goodbye to the person. As your business enters different stages of development and you encounter new challenges, you may require a different type of accountability partner – and that’s okay. Think of a new way you can work together, or if you want to keep the relationship up but at a lower level of commitment, spread out your meetings (once a quarter is the minimum to keep the flow of things going). All healthy accountability partnerships – and businesses – change and grow over time. Recognizing the new stages you’re entering and honoring your current needs is a critical part of being a successful businessperson.

Through reading this report, I hope you’ve got some great ideas about how
accountability partnerships can enhance your online business. Whether you’re just starting your web-based journey or you’ve been online for years, accountability partners truly are one of the best investments of your time. It’s like having your own million-dollar mastermind group without investing the seven figures!
Creating an accountability partnership not only gives you the opportunity to get help in the areas you need support, it also lets you apply your knowledge and wisdom to someone else’s business, helping them reach new levels of success. You may find you like coaching others and may therefore add this skill as a revenue stream in your business. Many an online coach started by helping just one other person, and then leveraged that experience into a profitable income stream. Don’t be surprised if that happens to you!
Regardless of what type of accountability program you form, you can definitely grow your business quickly when surrounded with others who are committed to helping you succeed.Accountability partnerships are, after all, powerful things.
Here’s to your ongoing success. As always I hope this information has been helpful in realizing your dreams.      Author- Marc Wijnants

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accessing Facebook at that moment. These ones are
specifically targeted to data Facebook has gleaned from
your preferences and other sources.
Facebook ads are simple but powerful. Each one consists

of a title, text block and graphic or photo of your

choice – all within a 110px X 80px “box”, to fit that
vertical, right-hand Facebook sidebar.
If you think of them as a cross between a Twitter tweet
and a banner ad, you’ve just about got the picture!

And yes – they absolutely can advertise your:
· Product
· Services
· Contest
· Cause
· Links
· Photos
· Videos
· Business USP
· Business Event
As well as integrating:

· Your offline promotions with your online
· Real-time information for your “fansumers”

Facebook Advertising Benefits
SEO vs. Social Trends – Facebook’s biggest benefit is its most obvious. It
operates through social networking and trending rather than pure SEO – the
hottest trend of this brand new decade. It allows readers to see your ads on
their mobile phones – and mobile devices now outnumber personal
computers, 4 to 1!
It is also cheaper than Google AdWords, and while the latter is still a
wonderful way to kick-start a campaign, AdWords can be risky for newer
marketers, as costs per click can skyrocket faster than your sales.
Will it replace AdWords completely? That shouldn’t be your goal! Plan
further down the line to do what the big boys and girls do: Kick-start each
campaign with well-optimized and researched AdWords.
Facebook vs. Adwords Costs – But whether you use Adwords (SEO
based) or Facebook ads (social networking based), Facebook ads nowadays
are a “must” – particularly with the not-so-subtle switch over to mobile
devices! But it’s great for beginning marketers because at the moment

, it’ssignificantly less expensive to advertise on Facebook than with PPC!

Graphics Capability – It’s other biggest benefit is that you can introduce a
graphic element or photo into what is basically just a small text ad! Since
Facebook is “tuned” to graphic elements, and interest has been shown to
peak when graphics are displayed, it wins hands-down over AdWords tired,
irritating banner ads (traditionally low converters for over a decade).
(You could simplify it like this: Want a text ad only? – Use AdWords. Plan to
use a graphic? – Use Facebook Ads.)
Text Capability – You have 75 words to say what you want to say in
Google AdWords (that’s less than half a tweet!) Facebook ads not only
allows you a 25-character headline, but 135 words of body text, too. (That’s
over double Google AdWords’ capacity – but note; spaces count.)
Does SEO Still Apply?
You betcha! In fact, it’s absolutely crucial to the success of your Facebook
Remember when we talked about Facebook Ads geared to your specific
hobbies, tastes, preferences and interests appearing down the

right-handside of your Facebook page? You’ll notice that:

· Some really don’t appeal to you

· A small percentage make you click on them right away
· … and yet a third group appeals to you, but it may take you days of
repeated exposure, seeing the same ad many times, before you finally
give up and click through.
You want your ad to be in the latter 2 categories. And you achieve that
through solid, well-researched long-tailed keywords (combined with your
irresistible, curiosity-arousing 25 character headline and 135 character body
Get those elements right, and you’ll have an ad that bypasses casual
searchers (how many right-hand-side Google search page paid ads do you
ever click on, compared to Facebook Ads?) and zeros in on a 75% pre-sold,
pre-qualified market.
Who Is It For?
Some people will tell you that Facebook Ads don’t work for business
purposes, but that’s simply not so. It should speak volumes and give you a

big, fat clue about its potential when you realize that major companies are
taking full advantage of Facebook Ads, in creative ways.
For example, according to Facebook’s own Marketing Solutions page…

· Honda recently used Facebook Ads to keep consumers updated (and
do serious damage control) after its recent spate of shocking recalls.
· Budweiser encouraged social interactivity with its customers when it
invited them to select which commercials to show during televised
sports games.
· Guitar Hero became the first online video game to reach 1,000,000
fans on Facebook
Even Coca-Cola jumped on the bandwagon, selling “virtual bottles of coke”
and promising to donate $1.00 for every virtual bottle sent to their favorite
These 4 examples alone show you the sort of creativity you can employ (and
flexibility you can take advantage of) when creating your Facebook
Advertising campaign

If you’ve been wondering what a “fansumer” is, it’s yet another social
phenomenon you can use to your advantage.
According to Forrester Research, a “fansumer” is simply a consumer who has
“become a fan” of a brand on Facebook

This brings us back to Facebook Ads’ third biggest advantage… interactivity.
It’s a proven maxim: Get people to engage as a participant, rather than as
a spectator, and their stake in what they’re engaging in becomes personal
and more positive. Use an app or a product and click the little “become a
fan” text link on your Facebook page, and you are not only contributing to
its statistical popularity, but personally endorsing it!
This can help 2 particular types of “product” in particular…
1. Apps (applications such as Zynga’s “Farmville” game)
2. Brands
Allowing people to become Facebook fans should be a definite part of your
branding campaign… and as for Farmville’s meteoric rise, it is legendary.
One only has to take a glimpse at its U.S. Alexa rank of 370 to see how

powerful this can be.
Alexa summarizes this popular app game thus: “… farmville.com is visited
more frequently by females who are in the age range18-24, received
some college education and browse this site from home.”

This is right in line with Facebook’s “18-34 female” broad demographic – but
the truth is, you can certainly reach other target customers in different
demographics, if you take a close look at Farmville’s stats from

Keeping in mind that a less broad and more specific demographic is likely
to be yours (unless you create a truly buzzworthy product like Farmville) you
can certainly play to small niche Facebook markets.
A good rule of thumb is to make sure the niche customer you wish to reach
actually does operate via social networking at least as much as – if not more
than – through standard PC use and Google searches.
You can also target specific geographic areas, using Facebook Ads (by
country, state or province, town or city).

And remember, when someone brands him or herself as your fan (or
“fansumer”), they are letting you know they are ripe for your offerings.
Why Profile Pages are Your Friends!
The main reason you can target so specifically, in spite of Facebook itself
have a broad, generic demographic, can be attributed to profile pages.
Think about it: When you filled out your profile page, you were prompted to
share your:
· Hobbies and interests
· Career and work information
· School, college or university
· Tastes in music, books and movies
· Personal and contact information (date of birth, marital status

· City and state
And as much extra information as you chose to share.

Among the things you share you can bet people can find great long-tailed
keywords! These are what you should use when creating your Facebook Ads
– targeted specifically to your ideal customer, of course. Use your keyword
in your headline at the very least – and again in the text (always providing it
feels totally natural: Remember, Facebook puts “social” before “SEO”).
The Mechanics
In addition to the creative side of your Facebook Ads, there are other actions
you can choose to take. You can:
· Pay per click (PPC)… or per impression (CPM)
· Track your Ad’s progress in “real time”
· Edit and tweak your ads, for your best results

Best of all, Facebook Ads are easy to set up, with a step-by-step process
that guides you clearly through creation and all your options.
Facebook is quietly becoming the newest 2010 trend in online advertising –
especially for those on a budget – as of this writing. Even if you don’t think
it’s right for your business, you are to be applauded for taking the time to at
least learn more about it!

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I hope you found this report helpful for your online business

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Let Me Show You This...

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Golf Basics For You!!!!

Golf has seen an incredible rise in popularity over the past few
decades, and that popularity continues to grow. From the days when
golf was consider the pastime of a select few old folks who walked the
greens in their checked pants, the sport today has a tremendous
following. It can largely be attributed to players like Tiger Woods
charismatic players who captured the attention of everyone, including
those who have never picked up a golf club. Added to this is
Hollywood’s take with movies that have portrayed golfers as the
heroes they are. While the following has changed significantly, so has the industry.
There are resorts, vacation packages and even housing developments
built around incredible golf courses. Finding a great place to golf has
never been easier with the number of courses growing annually and
those managing the courses set to make the most of the property
available. There’s no way to really tell what prompted the rising
popularity of the sport. But if you look at the number of young people
walking the greens with parents and grandparents, and the number of
schools with a golf program for its students, you’ll see that its most
likely a trend that will continue for the foreseeable future.

The History of Golf

Arguably golfs interesting origin began five centuries in the past. It is
a historical fact that due to the interference of golf with much more
serious combat drills James II of Scotland banned golf in an act of
Parliament on March 6 in the year 1457. There is general agreement
among historians and golf fans alike that the Scots were the first
golfers who became somewhat addicted to the sport. However the
persons responsible for the invention of golf is open to debate. And
debate will ensue if you breech the subject with the right persons.
It has been suggested that bored sheepherders became quite exceptional at
knocking round shaped stones into rabbit holes with their wooden shepherds staffs.
Making a competitive game of the boredom seemed inevitable. After
all women’s lib was not yet even considered so that means the
shepherds were men. Lets face another fact of history, men tend to be
more of a competitive nature. Various forms of golf were played as
early as the fourteenth century. These games were played in Holland,
Belgium, France as well as in Scotland, thus the debate of golfs origin
is rightly fueled.
There is another historical fact that Scottish Baron, James VI, was the
man who delivered the game we know today as golf to the English. For
many years the game was played on severely rugged terrain, where
no proper upkeep was required. In most accounts golf was played with
crudely cut holes in the ground where the earth was reasonably flat.
It was a group of Edinburgh golfers who first formed an organized
club. In 1744 the Honorable Company of Edinburgh Golfers was
established. At this time in history the first thirteen laws of golf were
drawn up for an annual competition. This first competition consisted of
players from any part of Great Britain or Ireland.
One of the earliest golf clubs that were formed outside golfs debatable
native home of Scotland was the Royal Black heath Golf Club of
England. Black heath came into existence in 1766 and the Old
Manchester Golf Club was founded on the Kersal Moor in 1818. By the late 1800Æs the Royal Montreal Club and the Quebec Golf Club
were to become the first in North America. It wasn’t until 1888 that
golf resurfaced in the United States with more fervor than each prior
surfacing. Even then it was a Scotsman, John Reid, who first built a
three-hole course in Yonkers New York. St. Andrews Club of Yonkers
was built in a thirty-acre site near to the original three-hole course.
From the hesitant and fitful start golf grew rapidly as the new national
pastime in America. Modern for its time the golf club, Shinnecock Hills
was founded in 1891 and in the nine years left in that century more
than one thousand prestigious golf clubs opened in North America.
The historical value of golf is as interesting as any part of our heritage.
Following the path that golf took to get from a shepherds field to the
amazing golf courses that dot our culture today it is no wonder golf
remains a popular pastime in all parts of the world.

A Good Golf Bag is a Beautiful Thing

Few things are more important to a golfer than a good golf bag. First
off, golf bags come in many styles and a wide variety of colors. You
can choose a bag for style, features or pick a color to match your
Some have legs that fold out when they are placed on the ground and
stand upright so the golfer doesn’t have to bend down and pick it up.
That’s a nice feature in golf bags, especially if the golfer tends to walk
the course, as many do. There is plenty of bending to be done when a
golfer is trying to remove an obstacle from around his or her ball, or to
get the ball out of the cup, so any way to avoid bending over is more
than appreciated.
All golf bags have compartments where the golf clubs are to be placed.
Each golfer has his or her own way of doing this and putting clubs
where he or she wants them. Some golfers, though, are lazy and just
stick their clubs in the compartments, grabbing whichever one they
want when a particular club is needed. But, some golf bags have tubes
to protect the club grips. These are nice to have. With the tubes, a
golfer can get his or her clubs out easier. The clubs are never tangled
up, and the grips last a lot longer.
Another important factor in choosing a golf bag is the number of
pockets it has. Frankly, there’s no such thing as too many pockets in a
golf bag. First, one of the pockets will be used to hold the golf bags
hood. The hood is used to keep the clubs and bag from getting
drenched when it rains. Another pocket will be used to keep extra
towels (believe it or not, extra towels are important in the summer to keep the
sweat off the brow and out of the eyes, along with keeping the hands relatively
dry. Then, there is the pocket used for keeping the extra golf tees and possibly
the divot tool. Finally, a pocket is needed for the golf balls themselves, and it
doesn’t hurt to have a pocket to carry another dozen balls in, just in case.
Some courses are so difficult it is easy to lose a lot of balls during 18holes
of play. This makes having an extra box of balls around a good
thing, but there has to be somewhere in the golf bag to keep them,
which means another pocket.
Imagine trying to play golf without a bag. The golfer would be
constantly stooping over picking up clubs, tees, balls, towels and the
divot tool. Then he or she would have to walk to the ball, drop all of
the clubs and stuff, select a club, hit the ball, and start the process all
over again. It would be a major pain in the neck, and would make it
nearly impossible to finish playing a round of golf. So, golf bags are an
essential part of the game of golf.

Are Golf Lessons For You?

If you’ve been thinking about taking up golf, or if you’re a golfer in
search of a better game, you may have considered golf lessons. But
are golf lessons really beneficial? And how do you find a pro who will
offer good advice?
There are some who swear that lessons are vital and others who say
that practice is the only thing that will improve your golf game. The
truth seems to lie somewhere in the middle. But before you drop your
coach or sign up for lessons, consider what it is that you hope golf
lessons will accomplish. Outlining your goals may help you decide
whether you truly need lessons or simply more time on the course.
If you play with others who play exceptionally well, you may want to
find someone to give you some help with your game. Whether that’s a
paid coach or merely a friend who plays well is strictly a personal
choice. Getting some pointers and tips may be a good way to ensure
that you don’t totally embarrass yourself in front of other players.
If you’re serious about the game, you’ve probably been involved long
enough that you don’t need advice on whether to get a coach. But if
you’ve only recently discovered the joy of golfing, you may find
yourself looking for a way to improve your game. Golf lessons could
very well be the answer.
Some people say that lessons give them a set time to practice and an
opportunity to completely focus on the game. You’ll typically be less
interrupted than if you were playing on your own, stopping to chat
with friends along the way. But others say the simple fact of having
someone scrutinizing every move and offering constant advice is more
distracting than helpful. Decide whether you’re one of those who
accept direction and works well in that situation. That’s a major clue as
to whether golf lessons are a good idea.
Remember that a golf coaches job is to teach you to golf correctly. That
means that there are some habits that he (or she) will be trying to
ingrain and others they’ll be trying to break. While golfing correctly is
a terrific goal, many golfers have some bad habits that they tout as
benefiting their game. Changing your grip, adjusting your stance or
even using different equipment may be among the must do list from
your coach. You may resist those changes. You have two options. You
can do your best to follow the instructions, or you can explain that you
aren’t planning to change that particular habit. If you don’t plan to
change, you may need to reexamine your decision to take lessons.
Without following directions, lessons may become a waste of time and
effort on both parts, and money on yours.
Golf lessons are great for some people. Its a personal decision
whether you are one of those who will benefit from a coach e formal or
informal. But remember that the most important thing to improve your
golf game is simply practice.

Are Golf Shoes Really Necessary?

While some kind of footwear is required on most golf courses, are golf shoes
really necessary? This is a question to be answered by each individual golfer
as it is his or her feet we are talking about.
Some courses require soft spikes only so the course doesn’t get
chewed up with the walking around people have to do when playing,
especially if the people are walking the entire course. And, most club
houses will only allow soft spikes to be worn inside, to protect the
Let us be honest with one another, the vast majority of golf shoes are
not attractive footwear. But, golf shoes are far from being the ugliest
footwear in sports. That honor, dubious though it may be, belongs
entirely to bowling shoes. Who, in their right mind, would want to wear
red and green shoes, especially that type of shoes? At least golf shoes
are designed in a more practical, and somewhat more attractive,
manner. But, are they really needed in order for a person to play golf?
No, they are not. The footwear a golfer chooses to wear can be
practically anything from moccasins to a good athletic shoe. A golfers
footwork is more important than his or her choice in footwear.
But, the shoe a golfer wears should be comfortable on his or her feet.
There is nothing worse for a golfer than an uncomfortable shoe. If the
toes are pinched, or the back rides up on the heel, the golfer will be
miserable and will not be able to concentrate on playing golf, which is
why he or she is on the golf course in the first place.
So, comfort comes first. After comfort, traction is important. This is
because the golfer cant have their feet turning after they have struck
the ball. If this happens, the ball will careen wildly, most likely winding
up as a major league slice or hook. The ball, though, will not go where
the golfer had planned to hit it.
Should a golfer choose to forgo golf shoes for another type of
footwear, he or she should think about the type of shoe he or she
wants to wear on the links. They should then examine the tread
pattern on the bottom of the shoe. If the bottom of the shoe is slick,
with no pattern at all, it would be a good idea to leave these shoes
behind as there will be little, if any traction, and none at all if the
course is wet, either from rain or dew.
What is the best type of tread pattern? Again, this will be up to the
individual golfer and his or her preferences. For some, the old tire
tread pattern (used on the sole of a lot of boots and sandals) works
well. This type of shoe sole will provide traction for the golfer.
Some may prefer a circular pattern of sole, while others may like
something entirely different.
The most important thing, though, is for the golfer to be comfortable
and confident with the shoes being worn when playing. In fact, the
less a golfer thinks about shoes when playing is a good thing.

Cleaning Your Golf Clubs

You and your golf clubs have been through a lot together: the four
person benefit scramble, the company tournament and weekends of
enjoyment. They become an integral part of your life so it makes
sense to take good care of them. Golf club maintenance is easy and
adds years of life to your set by simply keeping them clean.
All you will need is a bucket, some mild dish liquid (not the kind used
for automatic dishwashers), an old toothbrush, and some soft towels.
It helps to do the cleaning outside so you can rinse them with a water
hose, but you may choose to clean them in a bathroom or utility room
if the clubs are not too dirty.
First, pour a few drops of dish liquid in the bucket. Add warm water
and briskly swish your hand back and forth in the bucket to create
warm, sudsy water. Don’t fill the bucket too full. You want the water to
cover the heads of your golf clubs, but not much else.
Put your irons into the bucket of warm, sudsy water. Use a cloth to
bathetic them. It is that simple! Once you have given the clubs a
simple wash down, get the toothbrush and scrub the heads to remove
dirt from the grooves. Depending on how dirty your clubs are, this
might take a little effort and some elbow grease.
Once you have washed your golf clubs and cleaned their grooves, you
will need to rinse them. A sprayer works great so if you are outside,
simply hose off the soap and dirt with the outdoor water hose.
Indoors, use the shower. You can simply run them under a faucet
inside, too. No matter how you choose to rinse the clubs, make sure
you dry them well.
Use another clean cloth and dry the club. Make sure it dries completely
to avoid spots and damage.
Clean the handles and any wood work on the golf clubs with a
dampened cloth. It is safest not to ever submerge golf club wood work
into water. The water might damage the coloring, protective coat or
the wood itself.
While your clubs are out, clean out your bag. A quick wipe down of the
bags interior with a damp cloth is generally all the inside needs.
Follow up with a wipe down using a dry cloth. Spot clean the outside of
your bag after each golf outing as needed. Once the clubs have been
individually washed and dried, return them to the clean bag.
If you think it is silly to wash and dry your golf clubs, look around next
time you are at the course. Make note of how many other golfers are
playing with clean clubs. They take care of them because the clubs are
an instrumental tool of the sport, just like cleaning a gun after a
hunting session or target practice.
When you take good care of your golf clubs after each outing, you’ll be
ready to hit the greens for your next tee time!

Customized and Personalized Golf

You can have any number of personally detailed golf accessories.
Customized golf equipment, accessories or paraphernalia is a
wonderful gift ideal for the golfer in your life. It is also a wonderful
purchase for your own golf needs. Golf clubs alone have some original
accessories that are easily found and made more special with personal
touches. The idea of personalizing golf equipment can begin with the gold bag
that carries the precious cargo of your clubs. Monograms stitched into
the leather or canvas is an unobtrusive way to show ownership and
also to personalize. Using monogrammed golf towels or using golf balls
with your name on them is a great way to personalize the golf scene
without being tacky or presumptuous. And you never know when a
large bag of discount personalized golf tees could really come in
Golf clubs with the owners name engraved in them is the beginning of
a long list of wonderful personalized and customized golf equipment.
Needing golf clubs that vary from the ordinary in height, length or
strength is what customizing is all about. You will discover there is a
whole retail world out there that thrives on customization. Golf clubs
are indeed just the beginning.
Golf apparel is no exception to the personal side of golf. Comfortable
and affordable clothes, shoes, hats and umbrellas are just a few of the
enormous choices available for personalized golf. With discount and
wholesale golf apparel shops offering every affordable style is made
available to the golfing public there is no reason not to be original in
your appearance on the golf course. So many great gift ideas come
to mind when you think about customizing and personalizing golf equipment.
Head covers can boast the family crest or they can even be a knitted gift
from your teenage daughters for your birthday. Either way they are equal
cherished for their unique sentimental value.
Customizing your vacation to include a home rented in advance in
Augusta, Georgia for a personal view of the Masters can be an
amazing way to show your loyalty to the sport of golf. Being up close
and personal to such an event is something planned well in advance
and could be in some cases a once in a lifetime occurrence.
Customized and personalized can go hand in hand and need not be so
expensive. Creating your own tournament for a good cause is always a
fun project for the entire family or helpful organization.
Customizing your golf accessories can range from the practical to the
outrageous. Installing seat warmers or air conditioners in your golf car
might seem a little extravagant to some people. If you are serious
about your golf these accessories and customizations are deemed a
necessity. A seat warmer or range finder may seem trivial in
comparison to some extravagant examples. Golf cars that look like the
SUV in your driveway may seem a little excessive. If you have the
money to indulge in such luxuries than so be it. Who said a Rolls
Royce golf car was over the top?

Drivers -Not Just for Chauffeuring You Around

In golf, the driver is also known as the 1 wood. Normally its the
longest club in the bag and has the largest head. This club is used to
hit the ball off the tee out of the box, which is where the ball is teed up
to start playing a hole. Of course, on a short par 3 hole, the driver
would be left in the bag, and another club would be selected, unless
the golfer just had a hankering to fly the green and blow any chance
at making a birdie or par.
Now, it should be noted that the club known as the driver is not
something that can be used to literally drive someone around. If
anyone put this club behind the wheel of their car and climbed into the
back seat expecting to be chauffeured to a specific destination, or just
driven around in general, they will have a very, very, very long wait.
After all, it is a golf club, not someone who gets paid to drive cars. It
does not have arms or legs, nor does it have eyes or ears. You will
note there was no mention of a brain, but that is because there are so
many people on the road who also do not appear to have a functioning
brain while they are driving.
On the other hand, a driver (the golf club) is a great way to get the
ball down the links on the golf course. A well hit ball can travel more
than three hundred yards. However, this kind of driving power is most
often seen on the Professional Golf Association (PGA) tour. The
average golfer is doing well to hit the ball two hundred and fifty to two
hundred and seventy five yards off the tee and these are not drives to
be ashamed of.
There is no set average distance for holes on the golf course, which
makes driving on different courses a major challenge, in some cases.
Some par 4 holes can be as short as two hundred and eighty five
yards, while others can be closer to five hundred yards in length.
Either way, a well hit drive is required to do well in the game of golf.
The basic idea of driving the golf ball is to keep the ball in the fairway,
out of the rough, avoiding sand traps, and most definitely staying
away from any water hazards the course may have to offer. This
concept, though, is easier said than done. After all, the least little
thing can affect the golfers concentration. This can result in the ball
being, toed, or hit off the front of the driver, or heeled, which is when
the ball is hit off the back part of the driver. Those are bad things.
Toeing a drive will send the ball sharply to the right if the golfer is
right handed, or to the left if the golfer is a southpaw. Consequently, a
drive hit off the heel of the club will go left for the right handed player
and right for the lefty.

Getting Ready to Play Starts at the Driving Range

All golf courses, reputable ones anyway, have driving ranges. This has
nothing to do with the maneuverability of a golf cart, but the player
practicing shots and getting loosened up for a round on the links.
The driving range is the best place to practice a new shot or technique
that the golfer has heard about but has not tried as of yet. It is never
a good idea for the golfer to attempt a new shot, or a new grip on the
golf course. This is because a muffed shot, and those are easy to hit,
can cause the golfer to lose faith in the stroke, the club or the grip he
or she was using. Therefore, it is always best to work on the shot at
the driving range before ever considering trying it on the course.
Every golfer has his or her own way of getting ready to play when they
go to the driving range. For some, the idea it to take the smaller clubs,
such as the pitching wedge, hit a few balls to get loosened up, then hit
with larger and larger clubs, finishing up the workout with the woods.
But, for others, he or she will start with the larger clubs, getting their
stroke down with the driver and woods first, then working their way to
the smaller clubs, such as the pitching and sand wedge. For others,
though, they will take one particular club to work on. This is normally
done when a golfer is having problems hitting this club regularly.
By using only one club, the golfer has to focus on what they are doing
with it. Are they gripping the club in a comfortable manner that will
allow their wrists to be flexible on the follow through? Or, is their
stance too closed or too open? This can have an adverse affect on a
shot, with a closed stance preventing the golfer from getting the
distance he or she thinks he or she should get with this particular club.
A stance too wide open will affect the golfers balance and, therefore,
the accuracy of the shot. These are some of the things a golfer will
work on at the driving range.
But, then again, there is always the new tip that is guaranteed to
increase both the length of a shot and the accuracy of the shot (and
there’s also oceanfront property in Oklahoma for those interested in
making such a purchase). A lot of these so-called tipsy are ways for
someone else to make money from golfing equipment or videos. Still,
there are some tips that are legitimate and will help. Regardless, all
tips should be tried out on the driving range before the golfer ever
thinks about stepping up to the tee on the first box.
Remember, though, the driving range is not for all terrain vehicles,
four wheel drive pickups, monster trucks, or to see how sharp a golf
cart can be turned. A driving range is a place where golfers go to get
ready for their game and try new tips.

Getting a Grip on Golf Terminology

Regardless of how much you’ve played golf, you’re probably going to
hear some new terminology every time you’re golfing with a new
group or working with a new instructor. The way to save face is to
simply nod like you know exactly what they’re talking about, even
when they’re touting new words. The smart thing to do is ask.
Even a casual golfer knows words like bogey, slice and approach. But
did you know that Balaton is that rubbery substance that covers a golf
ball? Here are a few terms that may be less well known to some
golfers. A chunk is that boo-boo of hitting the ground behind the ball e way
behind the ball. The word came about because the chunk of grass (the
divot) that flies up can sometimes travel a longer distance than the
ball. When its done on purpose e as from a sand bunker e the
resulting shot is called an explosion. When the ball is really buried in
that sand, its known as a fried egg.
A top shot is when you simply hit too high on the ball. One of the most
common causes is that you’ve hit several chunks and you’re trying to
compensate. When you hit a top shot, the ball will have little or no
loft. If you’re already in a sand trap, you’re likely to stay there for
another shot. If there’s one directly in front of you, a top shot will
probably net you a fried egg.

A Mulligan is the same as a do over from your childhood days! This is
when you aren’t satisfied with your first shot and you simply pull
another ball from your bag and start over. Typically, a Mulligan can
only happen when you’re playing alone or with very forgiving friends
because few golfers are going to let an opponent have a free do

Yips is a word used to denote the inability to complete a putt with a
slow, steady movement. For various reasons, the golfer instead makes
a sudden, jerky swing, usually causing the putt to go wild.
The address is commonly known as that moment that the golfer steps
up to the ball. What some don’t realize is that USGA rules say that the
address has occurred once the golfer has rested the club behind the
ball. Nassau is a popular way of competing, especially for those who are
something less than professional minded. In this game, golfers have
one score for the first nine holes they play and a separate score for the
back nine, as well as an overall score for the entire round. That means
that golfers have three scores to compare, upping the odds of winning

There are other terms that you should know as well. The grain refers
to the way the grass angles, similar to the grain of fabric. Loft is the
angle of the face of the club. Dormice means that the person with the
lower score cant hope for anything more than a tie.
Learning the terminology isn’t necessary to playing a good game, but
it probably is necessary to enjoying play with friends.
Golf e More than a Walk Through the Pasture
Mark Twain once wrote playing golf was a good way to spoil a walk
through the pasture. The inimitable Mr. Twain, from this statement,
could be believed not to be a golfer. After all, there is more to golfing
than just walking through a pasture.

First and foremost, golf is a way to either work out stress and
frustration, or, for many, to get even more stressed out and
frustrated. It can be the most infuriating game ever played or
invented, or the most fun. And, no two trips to the golf course will ever
be the same, regardless of how good a player someone is.
This is because the weather conditions are never identical, and
weather does play a big part in golf. The more intelligent golfers will
not go near the course in a thunderstorm, but there are a few brave,
and foolhardy, souls who will brave the elements just to play. The wind
also plays a major factor in golf, as the wind will affect the way the
ball travels. When hit, golf balls have spin. The spin can be enhanced
by the wind, causing the ball to drift away from its intended target.
Therefore, the golfer has to take the wind into consideration and plan
his or her shot accordingly.
Golf is also a good form of exercise, for those golfers who walk the
course. A good course is about two miles around, so playing eighteen
holes is roughly equivalent to walking four miles. Any doctor will tell
you that such a walk can only be beneficial to the walkers heart and
Additionally, playing golf is good for getting out of the house and being
outdoors. Golfers can enjoy the sun and wind note the beauty of the
nature they’re surrounded by, as the majority of courses are well
landscaped and quite pleasing to the eye. Golfers can also watch
squirrels and rabbits on the course, sometimes, and take pleasure in
the antics of these creatures. This also helps free the golfer from
thinking about the mistake he or she made on the last shot or previous
hole, calming them down and getting them ready for their next shot.
For others, however, playing golf is a great way to beat stress. After
all, a golf course is about the only place a person can knock the crap
out of something, not only not get in trouble for hitting something, but
being praised and rewarded by knocking the crap out of the ball well.
How perfect is that? Golf is also a game of honor. Surprised? Don’t be. After all, golf is the
only game where a person can call a penalty on themselves, and those
who play with honor do. Of course, there are the jerks who claim to
play golf, but wouldn’t think of calling a penalty on anything they’ve
done. Their scores, though, are meaningless, and this kind of behavior
will also show up in their day to day lives.

Golf Accessories e Whats Hot, Whats Not

As with any sport golf has diverse and useful personal accessories. Whether you are
searching for a gift to give your favorite golfer or you are in need of an accessory to make
your own golfing experience more effective and pleasant there are many accessories
from which to choose. Every price range is available and millions of products can be
found in several diverse venues.
Every aspect of the game of golf has its own unique set of accessories
from which to choose. Just your golf clubs alone can require various
accessories. There are cleaning kits for golf clubs. Golf clubs can be
fitted with head covers to protect your investment in quality clubs.
Head covers can vary greatly from funny animal shapes to serious
covers monogrammed with a family crest. Golf club grips can also be
diverse. There are your everyday universal grips and you can also find
some very expensive custom fit grips for any golf clubs.
Golf tees and balls are accessories that leave nothing to the
imagination. Think again, there are so many choices in tees and balls
it is mind-boggling. There are inexpensive bags of discount generic
golf tees available. And you can also find personalized golf tees in ever
color imaginable. There are rubber tees and brush tees. Brush tees
claim to give you increased accuracy and are also touted to last longer
than normal wooden ones. Golf balls can be found in various colors
and with any number of claims to their accuracy. There will always be
times when golf accessories will be chosen strictly because of a
personal preference as opposed to what the manufacturer claims it
might do.
When considering accessories for the golfer in your life or for your own
purchase you can choose from a wide variety of sunglasses, caps or
visors. Depending on where you live or what climate in which you play
golf you may need more than one of these particular accessories.
Wrap around sunglasses as well as the UV protestant lenses can cut
glare in many cases up to one hundred percent. With a clear view your
golfing accuracy will be much improved. Umbrellas will also come in
handy in sunshine or in rain.
What would any golfer do with out his favorite (and sometimes lucky)
golf towel hanging on his bag? There are any number of logos and
brand name golf towels sold. Golf towels serve not only a utilitarian
purpose but they are also a way to personalize your game. Ball

cleaners can be found in accessory shops along with a wide variety of
maintenance products for every level of golfer out there.
Ball retrievers are yet another accessory that proves to remain a
useful accessory for any golfer. Here again you will find generic ball
retrievers that work efficiently and are affordable or you can give a
personalized ball retriever in any style to the golfer on your Holiday
gift list.

Golf Balls e
The First Piece of Basic Equipment

No matter how good a golfer may be, he or she will not be any good at
all without golf balls. Granted, it is a no-brainier that golfers need to
have golf balls in order to play. But, the question is, which golf balls
are the best.
This is a sticky situation and depends almost entirely the individual
golfer and his or her tastes, what he or she expects out of the ball,
and, quite frankly, how much money he or she wants to spend.

There are golfers out there who will play with nothing but one brand of
ball. No matter what else happens, they will only and always use this
particular brand. What these balls cost is irrelevant to them. It is this
ball or no golf. Yes, this going to the extremes, but, lets face it, there
are people in this world who prefer living life at the extreme edge of
Now, lets get down to some common sense when it comes to the golf
ball. We shall start with the beginning golfer. The beginner needs to
forget what he or she may have heard about any brand or type of golf
ball, what it does and how far it goes. Beginning golfers are going to
lose a lot of golf balls. They need to think more about price than
quality. The beginning golfer needs to purchase been around balls,
which are balls sold in bulk (around 50 to a bag), that have been
found on golf courses and recycled, for lack of a better word.
OK, these used golf balls are more often than not name brand balls,
but this does not matter. The beginning golfer, in learning how to hit
the ball straight, keep it in the fairway, out of the woods and water,
will go through dozens, if not hundreds of golf balls. Therefore, the
logical thing for the beginning golfer to do is buy in bulk.
As the golfer gets better, the best idea would be to move up to a
better grade of ball. This, though, does not mean to rush out to the
nearest golfing supply house and buy the most expensive ball on the
shelves. Again, think about the price of the ball and the level of your
skill. If a player has a tendency to slice the ball, or tends to top the ball
(this is where the club head hits the top of the ball. While it gives the
ball a lot of top spin, the ball does not travel far, and tends to be
gashed by the club), stick with cheap balls. This does not mean stay
with the bulk recycled balls, but inexpensive new ones.
In theory, players get better the more they play. As the skill level
increases, the golfer can experiment with different brands of golf balls,
checking to see which ones he or she may like the best. And, a lot of
thought should be given to the type of course the golfer will be using
these balls on.

Golf Clubs e

The Perfect Fit If you think any old golf clubs will do, you haven’t
been on the course trying to compensate for a club that’s simply too long or
two short. Besides making a shambles of your golf game, ill-fitting clubs can
leave your body aching after the game. If you’re spending all your time
compensating, you probably aren’t shooting your best or even
enjoying the time on the course. So does that mean that you’re going to spend
hundreds of extra dollars on a set of clubs with a custom fit? While custom clubs are one
answer, most people can find what they need from a well-stocked golf
store. But there are some things to keep in mind.
Length of the club is important, but its not everything. The pros say
that the size of your golf clubs grip should be comfortable for your
hands. That’s why clubs for younger players and women often have a
smaller grip.
If you should decide to go for a set of custom clubs, what is the
process? Its nothing like be measured for a suit. The point is not only
to make the club reach from the point of your outstretched hand to the
ground, but also to make the most of your body e your strengths and
your weaknesses. So don’t go for your custom golf club fitting session
expecting to spread your arms and stand still while someone uses a
tape measure.
A good custom fit will probably take place both inside and outside. The
best custom fit clubs will be tailored so that your swing is taken into
account. Sound expensive? Possibly.
While some major golf club manufacturers will charge (dearly) for the
actual fitting,e many offer up this service for free, with your
commitment to buy clubs from that company. While custom clubs are
more expensive than clubs purchased off the shelf from your local
golf supplier or even from an outlet store or individual, the results will
probably show themselves right away on the golf course.
Consider the shots that you may have been compensating for all your
years of playing golf. If you’re taller or shorter than the atypical
golfer, or even if you have some muscle strengths or weaknesses that
make your game a bit more of a challenge, custom clubs can help you
compensate. But what if you want the clubs immediately? Do you have to go with
off the shelf clubs? Actually, many manufacturers who provide
custom golf clubs promise delivery within just a few days, a week or
two at most.
Among the few negatives of custom golf clubs is the potential for
offering them up as a surprise gift and the potential for resale. But at
the same time, the golfer who is going to receive the custom clubs will
likely gladly give up the surprise and most who go to this expense
and trouble aren’t going to offer the clubs for sale.
Only you can decide whether custom golf clubs are a good investment
for you. If you’re going to spend a bundle of money for an awesome
set of clubs, you may very well take the extra step to get custom

Golf Courses e

Same Course, New Game Every Time

One thing every golfer will agree on is no golf course is ever the same.
While playing different courses is fun and challenging, playing ones
home course, no matter how many times it is done, is always going to
be different.
Yes, it is the same course, nothing has been changed, except for the
position of the cup on the green, but no golf course is ever exactly the
same two days in a row, or, for that matter, the same day.
Will Smith in the movie the Legend of Bagger Vanceö told his protege
how the grass follows the sun, which means a putt that broke one way
in the morning will break in the opposite direction in the afternoon.
Another thing that makes the same course different every day is the
weather conditions. Weather plays a big factor in golf, and how a
course plays. A wet course will play slower and the ball will not travel
as far after hitting the ground. On a dry course, the ball will roll farther
after hitting the turf.
A course will also play differently in hot or cold weather. Colder
weather keeps the ball from traveling as far, while a well hit ball will
go further on a warm or hot day. Additionally, if an area has been dry
for any length of time, the fairways, unless they are watered heavily
every day, will become as hard as concrete and provide extra distance
once the ball hits the ground.
Then comes the golfers attitude. Yes, the frame of mind a golfer is in
will have a direct affect on how well he or she plays and reacts to the
course. Golf is a game requiring a calm, focused mind, so the player
can concentrate on what he or she is trying to do on any particular
shot. One other thing that will make the same course play differently is how
the grounds are kept. If the fairway is allowed to grow a little long,
balls will not be able to roll as far, whereas, if they are kept trimmed
close to the ground, the ball will roll further.
The rough is a whole other problem, as are other obstacles on the
course, such as sprinkler heads. The rough is always going to be thick
and hard to play out of, but a heavy, wet rough makes it almost
impossible for a golfer to do much more than simply attempt to chip
back onto the fairway. Sprinkler heads, which are positioned all over
the course, will have an adverse affect on a ball that happens to hit
Believe it or not, who a person is playing with, or if he or she is playing
alone when he or she normally plays with someone else will affect the
way the course is played. So, this only goes to show how the same
course, no matter how many times a person plays it, is never the
same course twice.

Golf Swing Analysis Software for Perfecting Your Game

When it comes to perfecting your golf game the style and technique of
your swing may be the single most important aspect on which to
focus. There are many instructional videos and software available to
the general public that aid in perfecting a golf swing. Whether you are
an amateur or a professional you can benefit from having your golf
swing technique and style analyzed.
After all one main key to a successful golf game is your swing. The key
to perfecting your swing is by analyzing your technique and style. Golf
swing analysis can be achieved with the newest software available or
with software that has been around and been proven time and again
to create a better swing in all shapes and sizes of golfers.
Whether you are a serious die-hard golfer or a recreational weekend-
warrior-type golfer there is golf swing analysis software that will help
you discover where your swing might be going wrong. More
importantly you will learn how to improve your swing so that your
fullest potential will be met on the golf course.
With the newest technology available to you in software format there
is no reason you should not be playing golf like the professionals. With
a little patience and some hard work you will cause envy in your golf
buddies with amazing stroke power and gentle control where needed.
Easing your way from one hole to the next with grace and dignity that
only comes from a solid golf swing.
Some software available will have instructions from your favorite golf
professionals. Other software will use everyday golfers who are as
eager as you to perfect their golf swing creating a notable difference in
anyone’s golf game in a matter of weeks. No matter which golf swing
analysis software you choose to learn from the results will amaze even
the most critical golf mate.
If you are looking for proven ways to improve your golf swing then
look no further. Golf swing analysis software has brought golf lessons
to your personal computer screen. With the help of your camcorder
you will have an expert analysis of the critical key points that are
involved in a single swing.
Software that improves golf swings with analysis information is user
friendly in most cases and can even be found available as downloads.
Free trials are frequently advertised, making the search for the perfect
swing improvement tools easier to find.
Some of the incredible tools for imaging swings and readying those
images for analysis are slow motion cameras and virtual comparison
software. Seemingly endless technology-based analysis techniques are
available to the general public. There is golf swing help for any caliber
of golf participant and there is also software available for any budget.
Golf has gained in popularity in the last decade. This interest has
grown due to the phenomenal participants in the public eye. Whether
you have recently become a true fan of the sport or have always been
a die-hard golf fanatic if you are ready to improve your golf swing, the
latest technology software is the way to go.

Golf, a Zen Experience?

Good golfers center themselves before each and every shot. While it
may look effortless, there is a great deal going on. Remember the
scene in the Legend of Bagger Vanceö where Bobby Jones steps up to
the ball preparing to tee off. Will Smith tells Matt Damon to watch
Jones eyes, and how he sees the field. The eyes go soft as Jones
takes his practice swings, getting his mind and body in tune with one
another. His drive is as nearly perfect as a drive can be.
It may seem a bit farfetched, and some will object to the statement,
for many will recognize the truth of this statement -Golf is a Zen
experience. This is especially for the better golfers, no matter how
they may joke around and seem to be goofing off.
This is what Zen is e being completely and totally in each and every
moment at all times. Some people call it living life to its fullest, but
that is something entirely different. Zen is more like experiencing
every moment of life to its fullest and appreciating the moments for
what they are.
Golf and Zen coincide on all aspects of the game. By being in the
moment a golfer takes notice of everything around himself or herself.
He or she notes the feel of the breeze as it is blowing across the
course, recognizing its force and direction, but not actively thinking
about it. He or she also notices the feel of the grass as they walk down
the fairway, but he or she is not thinking about the next shot, not yet.
Thinking about the shot will occur when the player gets to the ball.
At this time the player will note the distance from where he or she is
to the green, the weather conditions and select a club. Avoiding
distractions, the player will focus on how to make the next shot, again,
though, without really thinking about it. Too much thought fouls up the
mental processes causing the player to get tense and screw up the
shot. Instead, the Zen golfer will trust his or her body, knowing the
body and mind are in tune with one another and make the shot. For
the record, no every shot will not be perfect going exactly where and
how far the golfer intended. But, the major difference is the golfer
familiar with, and practicing Zen, will not be adversely affected by a
miss hit shot, whereas a golfer who stresses over every shot will.
The non-Zen golfer will get down on himself or herself, thinking how
he or she is a lousy golfer and shouldn’t be on the course at all. The
negative thoughts will be invasive throughout this players entire body
as the body and mind are at odds with one another instead of being in
a state of harmony. So, the end result is one bad shot is followed by
another, and a good shot is looked upon as an accident, luck or a
Golfing always beats working No matter how well or poorly a golfer plays,
one thing each and every one will agree on is this e a bad day on the golf
course is better than the best day at work.
Let us take a look at this attitude. We shall start with golf being
something that is fun to do, no matter how frustrating the game may
become at times. All golfers know while every shot may not be a thing
of beauty, they are in a pristine setting and are not being bothered.
Besides, they all know the next shot will look exactly like the ones the
professional golfers make on television.
Then, there is work. Work is what all of us have to do to survive. We
get up in the morning, many of us dreading what the day holds, get
ready and head to our place of business, whether it is a factory or an
office, regardless if the job is blue collar or white collar. Work is an
ugly four-letter word. Work is where problems are. The employees are expected to help
solve these problems, or they will be out of a job. While
unemployment would give a person more time to play golf, it would
not give them a way to pay their bills, and lets face it, we all like to
eat. Work is also where the boss is, and a lot of people have, for lack of a
better way to put it, lousy bosses. There are those bosses who are
pleasant to work for, who help the employee and understand the
needs of those who work for them. Some bosses even set up golf
tournaments for their employees. But, there are the other kind. Those
bosses seldom have anything good to say to any of their employees,
are always complaining that the company is not making enough
money, no matter what the profit and loss sheet says, and make going
to work a miserable experience for everyone around them.
This is where golf is much better than work. There are no bosses on
the golf course. A persons social or employment ranking means
nothing on a golf course. The only thing anyone cares about is how
well he or she plays, and whether he or she has a good time while
playing. And what is not fun about playing golf. First, it is a great way to get
outside and get some exercise, especially if the golfer walks the
course. Next, golfing is a good way to socialize with others and meet
new people. Golf is also a good way for a person to work out his or her
frustrations. Whacking a golf ball not only feels good, but the better
the ball is hit, the more praise the golfer gets, even if he or she is
playing alone. After all, who hasn’t hit a ball well, stopped, watched it
in flight and thought, Man that was a great shot
Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, a bad day on the golf course beats
the best day a person can have at work

Hitting the Ball -How Hard Can It Be?

A golf outsider watches the game. How hard can it be to hit a
stationary ball?. After all, major league baseball players hit balls
traveling high speeds all the time. With that in mind, the outsider
decides to take up the game of golf with the notion that the game is so
relaxing because it requires little effort.

Think again.

Most of those people give up on the game before they really
understand the dynamics of hitting that little ball. It makes sense that
an iron club could pelt a little ball hundreds of yards, yet when the new
golfer takes his first swing there is often little movement at all
sometimes no movement (or worse, backward movement).

There is a lot more to hitting that little ball than meets the eye.

Human nature is to use the iron to cup it under the ball to hit the ball
up into the air. But look at the club. It is angled back, not at all
designed to cup beneath the ball. So, when a golfer tries to scoop up
the ball, he or she is really trapping it between the angled face of the
club and the ground. That’s why often times, the ball doesn’t move e
or worse, moves backwards just a little bit.
Instead of striving to hit up, its best to learn to hit downward. By
hitting down, the angled club will do the work for you, not the upswing
of your club. When you hit down, the angle will bump your golf ball
forward. Its that simple.
But putting power behind that little punt takes some practice. You’ll be
tempted to swing big and hard. It takes as much practice to resist
that temptation as it does to learn to hit the ball! Once you have
trained yourself against swinging upward, you will see your hitting
start to improve.
Now you’ll begin to understand why there are various golf club options
and choices you have to make when making a shot. You’ll need to pick
your club based on the angle of the club face once you determine how
far you want the ball to go and how you need it to perform.
If you’ve been practicing but still don’t feel like you’ve got the hang of
it, ask for help. Your golf course should have an attendant on hand
who could give you some pointers. Maybe you could take some private
lessons. The course pro shop should have suggestions for area
teachers. Or, try the good, old buddy method. Ask another golfer
you’ve seen play how he or she does it and if they have any tips for
hitting the ball. You may think you sound silly, but when other golfers
start to regale you with their tales of learning to hit the ball, almost
everyone has had to address that challenge up front.
With those tips in mind and maybe even a few lessons behind you, go
back to practicing. Just as it takes a while to train your mind to think
about hitting downward instead of upward, it takes a while to train
your body to actually do it the way you have in mind. Don’t give up
and remember, the game is all about relaxing so don’t stress too much
over hitting the ball.

Instructional Golf Videos e
Where to Get Them and What to Look For

Instructional golf videos provide illustrated golf lessons and techniques
that will improve your game. These lessons are shown in real time,
slow motion and repeated as needed to insure the viewer is learning.
Instructional golf videos can be purchased several different ways. The
valuable lessons are diverse and functional and you will see your
overall golf game improve considerably.

Given time any one can improve skills at any sport. No matter if you
play golf on a regular basis or are just a novice, there comes a time
when what you know limits the outcome of your game. Instructional
golf videos will enhance your skills both mentally and physically by
providing up to date information on technique.

Whether it is your swing that needs improving or if the stamina of your
game is lacking there will be helpful advice and instruction available to
you. With every aspect of golf laid out in these instructional videos to
be scrutinized you will certainly find the one aspect that needs
improvement in your game.

Golf is not only a sport where by you are challenged by other
participant, the course also challenges you and the most challenge
sometimes comes from within. Improving your game each time you
play can only make the experience of golf more pleasant, less
frustrating and always challenging.

Golf is a game of high expectation and regards both external and
internal elements as key components to the magic of each game.
Instructional golf videos are found to fit any budget and also to
accommodate any degree of effective golf player. So whether you are
into golf for the periodic relaxing game or if you wish to some day
become professional there is no reason you cannot learn from
instructional videos.

With new technology and enhanced imaging available you will be able
to watch golf swings as they are being analyzed. Within this in depth
view of an ordinary golf swing you will be shown the dos and don’ts
for a perfectly executed golf swing. Learning a solid stance that will
create and channel more power to the golf ball is another part of the
instructions. Lastly but certainly not least instruction helps you by
realizing there are many elements that make variations impossible to
avoid. These are key reasons to believe you have something to learn
from instructional golf videos.
You can find affordable high quality instructional golf videos online and
in stores. Some of your favorite golf websites will also have free trials
available so that you can make a better decision on which video will
work for you. These are some of the obvious places you be able to buy
instructional golf videos, if you were to think out of the box you would
also find the library has media available for you to borrow. Don’t
delay your search for enlightenment, begin your optimal relaxing game
of golf, and challenge that which becomes the fun of golf. With
instructional videos you learn more about the game than you ever
dreamed imaginable

Learn to Putt

Many golfers spend an extraordinary amount of time learning to make
an awesome drive. In truth, there’s nothing prettier than the golf ball
flying through the air and bouncing neatly onto the green e except the
ball dropping neatly into the cup. While working on those longer shots
is important, poor putting skill can literally lose the game.
Learning to put accurately every time can be a great expenditure of
your time. Consistently getting to the green isn’t going to do you a lot
of good unless you’re able to drop the ball once you’re there. Take a
few tips from the pros regarding the successful putt.
The ôyipsö are the bane of many golfers on the putt. This is simply a
hesitation e rather like a hiccup e that causes you to get a less-than smooth
putt. A smooth stroke will always lend you better control over
the ball.
When you’re practicing your putt, pay attention to that accuracy. If
you’re having trouble controlling the line of travel, give yourself some
help until you get a better feel for the game. You might find it helpful
to make a mark on your club to clearly indicate the center of the
putter. Marking the ball may also help you make a very solid swing.
Chalk is a good way to make these 1marks, because it will easily wipe off
after your practice session. Try making yourself a mental picture of
the pathway the ball should travel. If that mental picture doesn’t help, try laying a
piece of string along the ground between your ball and the cup. It may seem like a
very simple thing, but watching the point that your ball veers can help you figure
out what to do to correct the problem.
Too much spin on the putt can create some problems as well. Spin is
one of the most difficult things to control, and the short distance at the
putt is all about control.
If its a long putt, resist the urge to put too much muscle into the
swing. Avoid unnecessary loft. The higher your ball travels, the less
control you have over it.
You also have to resist the urge to overshoot your target.
Overshooting is a problem in many sports e not just golf. Imagine the
number of times you’ve seen someone take a shot at a pool table only
to have the ball ricochet off the back of the pocket and bounce back
out. The same sometimes happens with baseball, football and
basketball when the person throwing oversteps the amount of power
needed to make a successful play. Its human nature to overthrow.
Guard against that at the putt. There’s little more frustrating than to
walk past the cup to the new putting position which is even farther
from the cup than the last e all because your swing was simply too
powerful and the ball passed over the top of the cup.
When you’re ready to putt, take a moment and take control before you
take the swing. Remember that the control is every bit as important as
your aim.

Online Golf Lessons

There are many different ways to achieve golf lessons, and many ways
to effectively acquire valuable lessons out there. Among the many
ways to learn lessons of golf, online golf lessons are one of the fast
effective ways to gain knowledge of strategies and techniques.
Improving your golf game while realizing your best potential is one
great reason to utilize online golf lessons.
Finding the best website for online golf lessons is relatively simple.
Perhaps you have already established a comfortable, user-friendly golf
website and that site lends you access to online golf lessons. If not,
there are many reputable websites from which to choose. Also there
are varied means in which to utilize the lessons offered.
Online golf lessons can include tips on how to improve specific aspects
of your golf game. Normally on most websites, an overall
generalization is provided so that you can see the broad scope of golf.
This occurs at first and as you gain more direct knowledge toward
where your particular golf game suffers you can find information that
will seem personalized.
There will also be valuable information about stance, follow through of
an effective swing and the finer points of swing analysis. Online golf
lessons can even include time and effort geared toward the mental
aspect of the game. As we know golf is a competitive sport in which
you are competing against other golfer, the course and most
importantly yourself.
In most case online golf lessons are offered on a non-paying basis and
are simply included in your favorite golf website. In some cases you
may find golf lessons that are presented in acrobat reader formatting
and are downloaded into your personal computer at a minimal cost to
you. Payment is made in a secure fashion with a credit card. Shopping
around to search for the most effective lessons for your level of
interest in the sport of golf is of utmost importance. Searching for the
perfect lessons for you will serve to keep costs down and also to
provide optimal help in areas where you most need it.
Most scenarios where golf lessons are available for free or for a cost in
a down loadable format you will be given ample information. This
information will be provided to determine if your personal computer
has the capacity to down load these various programs. And to assure
you that your computer also possess the capabilities to present the
lessons in the way they are meant to be viewed.
One benefit from utilizing online golf lessons to improve your golf skills
is that you can experience the lessons at your leisure. You can study
and practice at your leisure and then too have the lessons handy for
reviewing when you forget exactly what was being taught. Once you
have improved your golf game and see the results you were hoping to
see it is possible you will search for a more specific online lesson for
your needs. Knowing where to look and what to expect with effective
results will make that search much more pleasant.
Some Warm Up Tips When its time to warm up, some golfers think they need to hit the
driving range with everything they’ve got. In truth, warming up to
make your game as effective as it can be means that you work on a
variety of swings and become familiar with the conditions.
For example, you golf differently on a windy day than if the air is still.
You probably play at least a bit different on days when the
temperature is raging than when its cool. Here are some tips from
those who hit the courses on a regular basis.
Driving is a good way to start, but start slowly. Choose a short iron for
your first few drives, giving your muscles a chance to loosen up and to
get the feel for the day. Work up to longer drives, but remember that
the goal isn’t only to see how far the ball will go e control is more
important than distance and this is your chance to gather your skills to
exercise that control.
Don’t just drive. Some people make the mistake of thinking they’ve
completed an adequate warm up once they’ve managed to make a few
successful drives. Take time for some chipping and putting as well.
Make the most of your swing and any recent lessons you’ve had.
Remember that a round of golf is much more than teeing off.
One of the most important warm up tips is to get your mood and
emotions under control. Smacking your frustrations out on a golf ball
probably isn’t going to help your game at all e though it might
arguably be good for your frustrations. Take time to gather your calm,
focus on your game and let the days troubles fall away. Your mood e
especially if its a bad mood e can greatly impact your game.
Another mistake many people make at the warm up session is to start
practicing. This isn’t the time to try out new clubs, new swings, or new
information. This is a time to play your best game, just as you’ll be
doing shortly e at the first tee. Its okay to put in a few practice swings
if you’re working on something you want to put into play for this
game, but don’t get caught up in a practice session
most familiar with and be ready to congratulate yourself on all your
successes during the warm up.
If you are doubtful about the need for a good warm up period, just
think back to a recent game of golf that you didn’t warm up for. How
was your first tee? How was the fourth? Did you spend the rest of the
game making up for some poor strokes early on? The warm up is a
chance to make those mistakes before they’re being engraved on a
score card. Take time to make yourself confident and you’ll play a
confident game.

The 10 Commandments of Golf Etiquette

Even if you are not a golf pro, being on your best behavior on the
course will make you shine like a true sports star. As with any sport,
there are a few rules of etiquette golfers should follow.

Rule Number One:
Be on time. Most courses require tee time appointments. Make sure to
arrive at the course about 30 minutes before your tee off. This will
give you time to park, get your clubs, take care of cart rental and
warm up.

Rule Number Two:
Obey the dress code. If you don’t know the dress code, make a phone
call and ask. Some courses prohibit jeans. Some forbid shorts. Some
require golf shoes without spikes. If you carry a cell phone, ask if they
are allowed before you hit the course. While it is easy enough to
change your ringer to silent or vibrate, answering your cell phone still
requires you to talk e in some cases loudly. Leave it behind if you can.

Rule Number Three:
Set an order of play before you begin. Use the old coin toss method or
simply decide, but have a plan.

Rule Number Four:
Be quiet and still when a golfer in your group in a group that is very
close by is preparing to hit, especially when they are putting. Don’t
cloud the golfers line of vision.

Rule Number Five:
Watch where you hit! Don’t swing if you run the risk of hitting a fellow
golfer with an erratic ball. Likewise, don’t hit until you know your ball
wont drop down into the group playing in front of you. While you may
think its common sense that players won’t stand directly behind you
when you’re preparing to swing, check e just to be sure.

Rule Number Six:
Be protective. Protect the greens by replacing your divots and
repairing all ball marks. Don’t disturb sand traps any more than
necessary and remember to rake them smooth before you leave.
Here’s another tip: exit a sand trap on the shallow side to avoid
creating more damage to the trap.

Rule Number Seven:
Follow cart rules. If you are driving a cart, know the rules for the
course. Carts may be prohibited on wet, rainy days. Some courses
require carts to stay on designated paths. Always keep your cart a
good distance from greens and tees and never park in another golfers

Rule Number Eight:
No matter what movies or television shows portray, business deals are
rarely cinched on the golf course. Its not easy to talk business on the
course because the game requires concentration. Don’t break a
golfers concentration on the game by trying to secure a business deal.
In another matter, it is recommended that any betting on the game of
golf be kept nominal, or as a friendly bet. Anything larger creates
stress and animosity e which is far against the goal of the game.

Rule Number Nine:
Here’s a tip: Tip. If you are using a caddy or assistant offered by the
course, remember to tip. Ask a regular at the course what the norm
is and tip that amount.

Rule Number Ten:
Have fun and enjoy the sport!

The 7-Wood -The Best Field Wood

Of all the clubs in your golf bad, you
may have overlooked the potential for
the seven-wood. There are those who
believe the seven-wood is the best field wood in a golfers bag.
There are golfers who may not agree with this statement, but that’s a matter
of opinion. The seven-wood is as close to a perfect field wood as a golfer can
have in his or her bag. This is because the seven-wood swings as easily as a six-iron,
but gives the golfer more distance and accuracy.
Depending on the physical strength of a golfer, the seven-wood is a
great club from about two hundred and twenty five yards in. First off,
it is easy to get under the ball and get the necessary elevation to
move the ball toward the green, which is where all golfers want to be
in as few strokes as possible. Now, should a golfer have a seven-wood
with a graphite shaft the golfer will have a better feel of the ball as
compared to a metal shaft. The graphite makes the club more flexible
and gives the ball a little extra lift upon impact.
Another great thing about the seven-wood is it is a near perfect club
on a long par 3 or a short par 4 hole. Lets say a golfer is looking at a
one hundred and eighty yard par 3. Sure, he or she could grab a three
or four iron out of the bag and make the drive, and make a good drive.
But, by taking the seven-wood out of the bag, the golfer has given him
or herself a little something extra. He or she can tee the ball a little
higher than he or she could by using an iron. This will help him or her
get the ball up in the air faster and headed toward the green,
especially if the drive is made with the ball slightly toward the back of
the golfers stance. This also reduces the power of the swing, so the
drive won’t fly the green, which is hitting the ball over the back of the
green. And, by making a slight alteration in his or her stance when the field,
the seven-wood can help get around or over an obstacle. Say the
golfer is about one hundred and sixty five yards out and has a tree
about ten yards away, directly in front of him or her. By opening the
stance a little and changing the position of the hips, the golfer can
slice or hook the ball around the tree, but not have such an arc as to
take the ball out of play. This type of shot still allows the golfer to get
all the power he or she ordinarily would with his or her seven-wood,
along with the elevation he or she expects, But without the negative
This particular shot, though, should be practiced on the driving range
with the seven-wood long before the golfer attempts to make it on the

The Golf Traps

Its a nightmare e You’re golfing along with a perfect swing, perfect
stance and you’ve even managed to eliminate that slice that’s plagued
you. Despite doing everything right, even the best golfer will find
himself (or herself) occasionally mired in the sand, knee-deep in grass
or standing behind the largest tree on the golf course. If golf courses
were all perfectly smooth with no bunkers, sand or water, the game
would likely become boring for even the most dedicated golfer.
Obstacles make golf a better game, and you’ll be even more
appreciative of these traps if you know the best ways to get out of the
What are the odds that your golf ball will roll to a stop directly behind
a tree? You have a couple of options. You can bore a hole through the
tree large enough for your ball to pass through, but that’s probably not
going to meet the approval of either your fellow golfers or the course
maintenance crew.
The option many golfers take is to sacrifice one putt to put the golf ball
in a better position. Whether this is your best option depends on your
ability as a golfer, and how much you’re willing to risk on this one
play. If there’s another tree handy, a ricochet shot is sometimes an
option, but its too uncontrollable. You cant tell how the ball will react
against the rough bark of the tree.
A better choice is to work on a curve ball before you get to this point,
so that you’ll be confident trying it when the time comes.
Sand presents another problem altogether. Many golfers choose the
whack and see method. Just pull a sand wedge from the golf bag,
whack the general area of the ball, then watch the sand flying through
the air to see if a golf ball happened to take flight as well.
Consistency is the key to golfing overall, and getting out of the sand
trap is no exception. Sand is a real problem when trying to control a
golf ball. Golf balls don’t roll well in sand and you’re going to have
trouble controlling a putt from the sand trap. Add to that the fact that
you’re often going to be dealing with an upward face of the trap before
you’re back on open course, and the only consistently reliable way to
get out of a sand trap is to use the wedge and get enough loft on the
ball to clear the face of the trap.
Choose your wedge carefully. Remember that you’re looking for
enough loft to clear the sand, but less loft is usually easier to control.
Regardless of the obstacle you’re facing, controlling the ball, choosing
the best club and setting up your shot are the steps that will get you
back onto open ground.

The Ideal Golfing Trip

What is the ideal golfing trip? Frankly, it will be different for
everybody, and not necessarily the same for an individual.
For some golfers the ideal outing would be going to a major course
and getting to play on it, knowing professional golfers had played over
this same course. What golfer would not want to play the course
where the Masters or U.S. Open is held? Most would almost kill
(figuratively speaking) for the chance. These are courses where
legends have played -players such as Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods.
(Yes, Woods can be considered a legend of golf based simply on the
fact he has won so many tournaments at such a young age.)
For others, though, the ideal golfing is not so much where they play as
to the weather conditions. Some golfers prefer a day with mild
temperatures and a light breeze to help keep them cool, while others
want a challenge and will go to the extremes weather-wise. There are
those who will play when the temperature hits triple digits, or drops
well below freezing, just to see how well they play under these
And, there are golfers who will play in the snow and at night. Specially
designed golf balls have been created for these golfers. The night
players can chase their glow-in-the-dark golf balls all over the course,
but need to take a flashlight to prevent running into a tree or some
other hazard on the course. For those who play in the snow,
fluorescent golf balls were created. These brightly colored balls are
easy to see against the snow-covered course.
Either way, golfing in the extreme is a challenge, and not one for the
faint of heart, or the poor of play. For golfers who play in extreme
heat, they need to remember to bring plenty of water to drink and
leave all alcoholic beverages alone. Those who play in the cold should
have something warm to drink in a thermos to help keep their body temperature up, even
if they are walking the course. But, these people tender to consider this to be ideal golf
For most golfers, though, the ideal golf outing is simply the chance to go to their favorite
course with a few friends and chase golf balls all over the pasture, just having a good time
and not taking the game too seriously. This is the most prevalent type
of golfer, and these players can usually be found playing in couples
and foursomes. They will chide one another on a bad shot, while
complimenting one another on good shots and putts. The final score
rarely matters (unless they tend to be serious golfers), as they are on
the links to have a good time and get away from the stresses of every
day life.
Oddly enough, there are golfers who prefer to play the game by
themselves. The solo golfer will most likely walk the course, getting to
know the feel of every tee box, fairway and green with his or her feet.

The Perfect Grip e
Or is It?
Its easy to say that those who don’t have a good grip wont have a
good game. And its easy to say that a good grip is vital to a good
swing. But what constitutes a good grip?e How do you achieve it? And
if you don’t have one, where do you get it?
Unlike the latest gadget, the training aid that helped you stop that
awful slice or even your lucky golf sweater, you cant find a perfect
golf grip at your favorite golf supply place. And even more confusing, if
you ask any fifty golfers e amateurs or professionals -to demonstrate
The Perfect Grip, you’d likely get fifty slightly different demonstrations.
It comes to a variety of factors. Unfortunately for some (and
fortunately for others), golf isn’t an exact science. You cant put an
equation on your golf grip. But there are some things you can do to
make your grip better. Take a look at some of the tips offered by the
Make sure the grip on your club is right for you. Most people
understand the role clubs play in a great round of golf. If you’re not
playing with your own clubs, you may find yourself playing a poor
game of golf. But some people think that a new set of golf clubs are a
wonderful gift without stopping to consider that the clubs may not fit
the player. Just as a single pair of gloves wouldn’t fit every golfer, golf
grips are made for the individual. Take time to find what fits you best
and don’t settle for something else.
Comfort is another point. No matter which golf grip you prefer, you
have to be comfortable with it. If you’re spending all your time
chanting a mantra e right hand like so, left thumb goes here, push
the left hand to here e you cant think about anything else. While
most golfers do have to spend some time practicing the grip, it
shouldn’t become the most time-consuming point of learning (or
playing) the game.
If you aren’t happy, try something new. If your grip is too
uncomfortable or the grip on your clubs too large, fix it. Unless you’re
working with a professional coach who refuses to let you make any
adjustments, take a look at your methods and your equipment.
If you do have someone pointing out a better method (and if your
game is indicating that you need that help), take time to give it a good
try. Any change in your grip is probably going to result in at least
some minor discomfort. Your body, arms and hands are accustomed to
working in one particular movement and a change in your grip is going
to mean that all those parts have to make some adjustments. That
change probably isn’t going to happen naturally in just a few minutes
(or hours) or practice. Give the new grip a chance to become more
natural and see if it helps. Its never too late to revert, but you should
at least give it a proper chance.

The Potential Challenges of Putt Putt Golf
Most people don’t consider miniature golf to be challenging. On the other hand there are avid putt-
putt golf participants that travel the United States in search of the next great challenge. Almost every
town has at least one such golf course. There are websites that deal strictly with miniature golf
What better way to form a sense of bond with your family than to pack them up and head off to the
nearest putt-putt golf course? Or set your entire family vacation around the idea of a
miniature golf course. Just like with every other family there is a theme to your family vacations.
Now if dad can just admit his inner most desire to see the largest miniature golf course in America, we can
be happily on our way. Whether you are heading across the state to see the most amazing
small golf course or across town to the local putt-putt course you are
bound to find fun. From the largest to the smallest family member
there will be challenges for each one. And normally there are video
arcades or large ponds with giant goldfish to feed when you are
finished. Don’t forget the ice cream parlor on the way home.
Golf is golf, they say, and no matter how you get to play it be glad
you’re playing. The challenges on a legitimate golf course cant be too
much more challenging than those dreaded windmills on a miniature
golf course. Sand traps? Don’t make us laugh. With putt-putt golf
there are dark caves, stampeding elephants and once there was a
report of a giant whale that ate golf balls.
In reality the thought and preparation that is behind each and every
miniature golf hole rivals that of any regular-sized golf experience.
Putt-putt golf courses are expensive to keep going. Electricity bills are
to be paid. Upkeep and maintenance is also an important part of any
golf course, miniature golf is no exception. And though they seem to
suffer as part of AmericaÆs fading pastime where families gather and
do things out-of-doors as a group, put-putt golf will not go quietly.
With your interest, curiosity and support future generations will be
blessed to know what it is like to herd a pink golf ball through the
mouth of a snake only to realize it has gone straight through the snake
and fallen right into the ninth hole as a hole in one.
Though pink golf balls and pint-sized golf clubs may seem distracting
to a serious golfer, imagine the delight you will discover with a group
of friends or with family members as you make your way through
difficult miniature golf holes. Keeping score is always a fun thing with
real golf and miniature golf should be no different. The secret is to
make the most honest person in the group scorekeeper.
So the next time you are stumped for something fun to do on a
Saturday night or if you are trying to decide on the best party place for
your eight-year-old son and six of his friends, think no more. Putt-putt
golf is amazing fun, great exercise and terrifically affordable!

The Essentials Of Golf

At the core of golf there is competition. Yet the most essential part of
golf is patience. Patient competition seems like a contradiction. Yet
golf is not contradictory at all. On the other hand it has been said one
person can find golf relaxing, while another individual might think it
the most stressful sport in the universe.
Professional golfers tend to be graceful. It is as if they are very aware
of how the muscles in their body propel them forward. Languid strides
and flexibility are words that come to mind when imagining the
professional golfer at work.
Some people link golf to sports like bowling or billiards. Not
particularly something you want to watch unless you understand the
game fully and know the participants well enough to be cheering one
or more toward the grand first prize. Serious golf fans are loyal and
just as radical (in a subdued manner) as any professional football fan
can be.
As a spectator sport golf ranks high on the television ratings. It is
highly unlikely anyone has seen the World Cup void of fans on any
given year. The collective silences and cheers of golf fans exude a
respect for the game. That respect is the attention grabber.
As with any sport, the interest of the young people is a natural part of
survival. Without future golf players there is no future to golf. Since
golf has been around for arguably five centuries it is not a concern that
the sport will ever die away completely or vanish like a lost civilization.
Fresh new blood keeps the arterial channels flowing more freely
The diversity of golf is found most obviously in the participants of golf.
Any level of physically fit persons can choose golf as a sport. It is
known to be beneficial exercise. When golf becomes a set part of your
scheduled regimen it is very likely extra pounds will come off. Any
societal level of persons can play golf. It is nit the game of the rich and
famous, on the contrary there are many affordable public golf courses
Whether you are male, female, young or mature golf is a game of
competitive spirit. We mustn’t forget it is a patient competitive spirit.
Not only are you competing against other golfers you are also being
constantly challenged by difficult golfing courses. A public or private
golf course has its fair share of challenging factors on the fairways, in
the sand traps and across the rolling hills. The most appealing
challenge for most golfers is the challenge of improving your game.
You might have seen the cartoons where the golfer has a club wrapped
around a tree limb in frustration or yet another where it appears Zen
golf might be a new fad. Either account can be considered a fair
account when you are talking about a sport with diversity, versatility
and class. If you have never golfed in your life, think about it the next
time you have some free time. You might be surprised how much fun
golf can essentially be.
Work on the Golf Stance e Don’t Get Caught up on the Details
Start with your feet placed just so, your body turned slightly to the
left, your ball directly under the logo on your shirt. Carefully line your
body so that its shaped like this And the list of golf stance
instructions goes on. In fact, some people get so caught up in the
stance that they lose sight of the real purpose e a perfect golf game.
Defining your perfect golf game is probably more important than the
perfect stance. And if you’re out to enjoy the game, getting caught up
in the details can really be a problem.
So does that mean that you shouldn’t work on your stance? Absolutely
not. The pros say the stance and swing are at the heart of a successful
golf game. You may very well be able to make a great drive from
something less than a great stance, but perfecting your stance will
allow you to play a more consistent game of golf.
Start by relaxing. This step may take some work, especially at first
when you’re trying to remember the myriad of rules that make a
successful stance. Your arms, though fixed in position, should never be
rigid. In fact, most pros and coaches say you should start with your
arms relaxed at your sides.
The actually stance depends on several factors, including (according to
many) gender. There’s at least a general consensus that women need
a wider stance than men. Remember that your golf stance is the basis
of the entire swing and that balance is crucial. Add to that the fact that
the hips and pelvis of men and women are naturally different and
you’ll get a basic understanding of why women often need a wider
stance. Because the male golfers hips tend to be more rigid than of
their female counterparts, his body reacts to the counter swing and the
follow-through differently. A woman’s hips are made to swing more
easily and this can be a real advantage on the stance, as long as the
woman compensates for that difference. Finding a comfortable
standing position will likely take some trial and error, and some
Finding the comfort zone is important, but you may need to be willing
to compromise comfort in order to work on your stance. While you
shouldn’t be standing in a position that makes your body hurt, you
may very well experience some discomfort while your body is
adjusting to the position of a new or adjusted stance. Remember to
loosen muscles before you hit the course, and to practice for short
periods during that adjustment phase.
The stance is only one part of the successful golf game, but its very
important. Coupled with the grip and other aspects of the swing, it
makes up the ability to play a consistent game of golf. But before you
get lost in the details of the stance, remember that golf for most
people is meant to be fun. If the details of the stance are killing your
enjoyment of the game, it might be time to take a good look at your
definition of a successful game of golf.


Golfing has become an incredibly popular sport. Most who participate
say its rather addictive, to say the least. But its also a demanding
sport. You’ll quickly learn the differences between the seven iron and
the seven wood, when to use the one iron (or that you’ll likely never
use it), and how to extract yourself from a sand trap. But the sport
has tons of subtleties as well and the technical age has definitely made
an impact. You can measure the speedup of the course using a stump
meter and track your scores to establish your golf handicap using the
latest software. You may even choose an interactive program to
critique and help correct your swing.
From custom made golf clubs to the latest gadget, manufacturers of
golf equipment and accessories have become a major economic
industry. You’ll find people who make a living giving golf lessons and
schools that will take you in for a week or more to break those bad
habits and help you establish a better stance and grip. Its more than
being able to drive e its about putting, getting in shape and keeping
your eye on the ball. It is, very simply, golf.

To Diane Hammack
Wishing You All The Luck With You’re Golf Game
I just thought it might be a good read

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Thats because the magic is inside everyone of us, when we use up all our resources and think there’s no way out, then and only then do we start to look inside ourselves and finally realize its us, we are the magic button. Then and only then will we see the road to success that has been eluding us for so long.
Don’t buy every shiny object that appears before your eyes, and don’t read every e-mail that comes along, promising you great wealth in a week. Its not going to happen folks, its just not going to happen.
Its to bad that marketing has reached an all time low,but its true. With all the new software that is available today, a good marketer knows more about what you want than you do, he knows how you will react to certain things more than others, he knows what you like to read, what kind of car you drive, and how fast you drive that car. The information is out there for the taking. So anyway,when you bite that shiny object, don’t feel to mad at yourself,you’ve been set up.
Remember, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, its probably a DUCK.I really hope this helps you in your life and work.

James Harris


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Mistakes in Copywriting

Before You Write Copy

Especially when you first start writing copy, there is plenty of background
work you need to do before you write your copy. This may be something
that you do in your head or it might be something you spend some time
brainstorming on paper to get your desired results. When you get good at
writing copy, it’s something that comes very naturally to you as you’ll
already have a deep understanding of what you need to know to write good

Here are some common mistakes people make before they even start

Not Understanding Their Target Market:

Without understanding who is reading your marketing messages,
whether it be emails, sales copy, articles, etc. it’s virtually impossible
to sell or even “warm-up” your audience effectively.
You can’t be everything to everyone. If you sell a product for women that
does not mean all women are your customers. You need to find out exactly
which women you need to target.

Think about your product, what is THE single most important reason your
target audience would want to buy it? You need to be able to empathize
with your target market, identify their problems and show how your product
solves. If you think your product solves everyone’s problems, the passion is
lost in your copy and it’s tough to get anyone excited about anything.
Still, it IS possible that you have more than one very targeted market
for your product. If that’s the case, you should make separate sales
pages to drive the appropriate traffic to. For example, if you sell a
high-end wrinkle cream and discover that not only are certain types of
women buying the cream, but men are interested too, you can create
different pages to target the problems and interests of each group.
That way, when you have different advertising campaigns or affiliates
who send you traffic, the traffic can be directed to the appropriate

You will sell more to a highly-targeted group of people than trying a
lukewarm approach with the public in general. Leave general marketing to
Amazon and other huge companies…or do they really do general
(Note: I mention Amazon and yes, they target a general audience
overall, but a visit to their website will show you they customize their
marketing right down to the individual visiting. They will show you like
items based on what you are looking at on their site and they remember this
the next time you visit and try to offer you
complimentary items. They are about as specific in their marketing as
they can get.)
If you are still struggling with your target marketing, make sure you
refer to the training audio for more help.Here’s one of the most important
questions you’ll ask yourself before you start trying to write copy ->

· “Why would my customer buy my product instead of a

Now, we already know that in most cases we don’t want to say, “Because I
offer the best price,” because that might just send your business into
complete bankruptcy. You need to find something more unique about
yourself that allows you to sell your product at a profitable price.Some of
the best customers you can have, don’t worry about price. In
my experience, the best customers are the ones who are more
concerned about quality, exceptional service or that just buy because
they plain old trust you and feel you understand them.
Really take the time to craft your USP before writing the copy for any
product you sell and refer to the training audio for further tips.
Even if it’s your product and you think you know it intimately, make
sure you get to know every detail so you can answer every possible
question your target audience might have. Know it’s every feature…
but more importantly, know the benefits of those features. Couple
that with your understanding of your target market & USP, you’ll be a
sales force to be reckoned with.
How you design your page is very important to how well you’ll sell your
product. Let’s talk about some of the common errors in page layout:

Too Many Distractions:

Not every piece of sales copy has to be a full-on sales letter with no
logos, navigation, etc. In many cases, it’s very appropriate to sell a
product on a traditional “shopping cart-type” website. In those cases,
it’s still important not to take the distractions to an outrageous level·
Keep your website navigation to a minimum. Create subcategories
to your website sections if necessary to minimize menu distractions.
· If you’re selling your own product on a particular page, remove all
banners going to outside pages. Whether it’s paid advertising,
an affiliate link, a web ring (ICK!) or anything else, it doesn’t
belong on your sales page. Of course, you can do some testing
on whether making other product offers increases your bottom
line, but generally speaking, get rid of this stuff.

Keep your page header or logo simple and small.

Don’t let it take over the whole “above-the-fold” space on your website. A logo
or page header can help with branding and can convey a more
professional image, but it doesn’t have to be huge to do that.
Most of the above-the-fold space should be reserved for selling
your product.

Content & Selling in the Same Place:

Good sales copy should be informational, but sometimes people drown
their sales website in articles and other information because they’ve
been told that information generates traffic and trust. Maybe you’ve
even heard me say that, but I hope my message wasn’t
Generallyspeaking, your content and your sales information should be
kept separate. This might mean that you have a separate domain for
all your content where you generate leads for your products and get
people to sign up for your mailing list. Or you might have content on
the same site as your product information so that visitors from search
engines can find it. If you do this, keep the links to your content
subtle and away from your product links and information. Perhaps,
you can place links to your articles on the bottom navigation of your

Get Hyperlinks That Don’t Look Like Hyperlinks:

Don’t get cute with links. People are accustomed to blue underlined
links, use them. If you insist on using a different color, at the very
least, make sure they are underlined all the time (and not just on a
mouseover). If your links don’t look like links, people just aren’t going
to click them as readily.
Headline Problems
Once you understand your target market and have crafted your USP, it’s
much easier to make the copy flow from your typing fingers. But
sometimes it’s not that simple and it’s easy to get stuck on the headline
right off the bat. Here are some common headline problems:
Headline is Missing:
Many websites and web pages are completely missing a headline or
they have something mundane and meaningless like, “Welcome!”
Headline is Too Long:
There are some highly-skilled and popular copywriters that have
written some amazing long headlines. Unfortunately, most people are
not highly-skilled and famous copywriters that can perform such a
feat. Keep your headlines focused on one idea and say it as quickly
and concisely as you can.

Headlines That Are Not Capitalized:

Capitalize your headlines. It makes them easier to read and it’s what
people are accustomed to when they read a newspaper or magazine
for example.

Headlines Sprawl Across the Page:

As with all writing online, when it sprawls across the page, it makes it
hard to read. A headline that goes straight across the page is even
more difficult to read and loses its oomph. Your headlines and subheadlines
should be narrower than the rest of your copy. You want people to easily read
these parts of your copy, so they can be drawn in and read the rest of what you
have to say.

There you have it – 10 common Copywriting mistakes. Take some time to
go through your own copy and see where you might make some
improvements and watch your sales improve.
To Your Copy writing Success,

James Harris

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The Promise That Never Was!!!…

The newbe that buys the $47.00 product that promises to make him money,$20,000.00 a month, is in such a mental state that he can’t see the forest for the trees.
By the time he realizes this product is not going to make him rich, its to late, he has invested everything he has and everything he can borrow, because he was promised the gold at the end of the rainbow.

The image he sees in his mind is starting to cloud up and depression overtakes his ability to think correctly, now information overload has him doing nothing except blaming others for his bad judgement. Then he sees a way to achieve his goals, so he picks a coaching program, sells his soul to pay for it but still failed. Now he’s not blaming others but himself, for the first time in his life he just can’t seem to turn this downward spiral around.

That describes what most newbes go through before they finally except the fact theres no magic bullet or push button product out there, the ones that don’t change their mindset, usually quit. They have to, they have nothing left, but the ones that have the backbone to withstand the breaking in period and make a decision to make this happen for themselves will finally start to see results, slowly.


James Harris


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